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Author: Klaus-Jurgen Wrede Publisher: Rio Grande Games
Number of players: 2 to 5 Time to play: 30-45 min Recommended age: 8 and up

Carcassonne [box]

Carcassonne [sample of the pieces]


One of the best games ever, with almost universal appeal, Carcassonne is a simple tile laying game, allowing you to create roads and cities, surround cloisters and extend fields.

Rules Overview

Each turn you draw a tile and add it to the play area. You may then, if you wish, place one of your seven men on that tile to control an empty city, road, cloister or field. When a structure completes, points are awarded and you get your man back. The player with the most points when the tiles run out is the winner.


Within this simple framework is huge scope for helping and hindering other players. This is particularly relevant if you successfully merge one or more of your structures with someone else


Carcassonne works just as well for two players as it does for five making this an ideal game for everyone.

Available Expansions