The Tower

Expansion for Carcassonne

Price: $30

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Author: Klaus-Jurgen Wrede Publisher: Rio Grande Games
Number of players: 2 to 6 Time to play: 30-45 min Recommended age: 8

Carcassonne: the Tower


Another 18 tiles for Carcassonne, 30 small tower pieces for building on and an awesome double columned 23cm tall tower that can hold over 150 Carcassonne tiles. (Yes, it will take all expansions to date :-)

Rules Overview

Each of the 18 new tiles has a tower pictured on it. During your turn, instead of placing a man on your tile, you may place a tower piece on any tower tile, starting, or adding to a tower. This allows you to remove an opponent's man nearby. How near, depends on the new height of the tower.


Careful placement of tower tiles can cause your opponents a lot of heartache. A lot of the tiles can complete cities and roads, making them useful not just for hurting opponents, but also for helping yourself.


The tile holding tower alone makes this worthwhile. The tower tiles and pieces make it even better.