Mu and More

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Author: Doris Matthaus and Frank Nestel Publisher: Rio Grande Games
Number of players: 2 to 8 Time to play: 90 mins Recommended age: 12

Mu and More [box]


A pack of 60 very nice cards, Mu includes rules for four other games

Rules Overview

Mu is regarded by many as one of the best offerings in the trick-taking genre. The cards are numbered zero to nine, with an extra seven and an extra one included in each of the five suits. Players use cards to declare their bids, and the highest bidder is the Chief. The second highest bidder is the Vice. First the Vice chooses a trump (either number or suit), and then the Chief selects his trump. The Chief, with his chosen partner and his superior trump then try to accomplish the bid. The Vice and the remaining players seek to stop the Chief.