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Author: Reiner Knizia Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Number of players: 2 Time to play: 20 - 60 min Recommended age: 12



Players vie for control of the underwater city of Atlanteon with armies of aquatic beasts and warriors in this simple and strategic tile laying game by Reiner Knizia.

Rules Overview

Each turn you place a numbered tile in the 5x5 playing grid. Whenever you surround an enemy piece with higher numbered tiles, you capture that piece. Both armies have a leader and to lose your leader is to lose the game.


Use your smaller tiles to defend your larger tiles or to take control of an area you expect to lose soon. Play your larger tiles carefully to do the meat of the work and hopefully not get captured.


A light but strategic game for two players, Atlanteon is an excellent way to test your wits against a friend in a quick battle or two.