Settlers of Catan

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Author: Klaus Teuber Publisher: Mayfair Games
Number of players: 3 to 4 Time to play: 1-2 hours Recommended age: 12 and up

Settlers of Catan [box]


The game that has become the family game of choice, Settlers of Catan led the way for quality German board games to enter our homes. You build cities, settlements and roads on the hexagonal island of Catan in an effort to become the Lord of Catan.

Rules Overview

Your settlements border hexes that produce resources. You start your turn by rolling dice to see what resources are created and everyone bordering those hexes collects the resources. Then you (and only you) get to trade with other players, before spending your hard earned resources on more roads, cities and settlements.


The trading between players means no one is left out waiting for their turn, but the current player is still the focus of activity. Special cards can be bought for extra bonuses and choosing what to build and where gives you plenty of choices which can lead to rewards or ruin.


Clever trading, careful spending and a dash of luck, combined with a board that changes every game, makes it easy to see why Settlers of Catan is always popular.

Available Expansions