Traders of Genoa

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Author: Rudiger Dorn Publisher: Rio Grande Games
Number of players: 2 to 5 Time to play: 1 - 2 hours Recommended age: 12

Traders of Genoa


Sell off bits of your turn to make the most money as you wander through the market districts of Genoa.

Rules Overview

For your turn you place your marker on the grid of Renaissance Genoa and move from square to square. You can claim the benefits of a square as your own or sell them to other players. By doing this and manipulating the marker in opponents turns you can collect goods to fulfill orders, collect privileges and deliver messages. After a certain number of rounds, the player with the most money wins.


While large orders are where the money is, they are notoriously difficult to fulfill. Privileges increase in value as you collect more of them and being allowed to obtain them all is almost a guaranteed win. Nothing compares to clever trading and bartering though.


An intricate web of buying, selling and trading with plenty of room to formulate both short and long term strategies. Traders of Genoa is a challenging and exciting game for those who like diplomacy.