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Author: Reiner Knizia Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Number of players: 2 to 4 Time to play: 20-40 min Recommended age: 12



Another classic by Reiner Knizia, you and your fellow wizards rush from oracle to oracle convincing them to tell Maginor, the chamberlain of the Wizard's Council, that it is you who should become the new High Wizard and not your opponents.

Rules Overview

For your turn you either teleport to a new oracle, or attempt to influence the oracle where you currently are. To influence the oracle, you merely roll a dice and place an influence token in the space indicated. (I know die is the singular of dice, but I have to write this for everyone :-)


With such a simple mechanic, the choice of which oracles to influence and when becomes vitally important. You also have a limited selection of spells you can use throughout the game. Needless to say, these are best used to sway an oracle in your favour just before Maginor arrives there. But Maginor only advances to the next oracle when the die indicates. (See :-)


The perfect game to play when waiting or when time is limited, its speed and ease in no way detract from its fun and excitement and you will often find yourself yelling at Maginor to hurry up and score your oracle before someone else influences it to vote for them.